About St Bernard

St Bernard

St. Bernard was born in a castle in Burgundy, France in 1090. At an early age he was sent to the best school and he studied Theology and holy Scripture.

At the age of twenty two, he entered the Cistercian Order, bringing with him, thirty young men. Soon his superior sent him to start a new Abbey at Clairvaux. They lived a very austere life and spent very much time in prayer.

Bernard was a good abbot and a valued guide of souls because of his great wisdom and closeness to God. Soon, not only the monks went to him for guidance but kings, bishops and even the Pope. The Pope asked him to preach a Crusade through France and Germany and Asia. This was very difficult for him because he was not a man of war but of God.

He founded more than 150 monastries before he died in 1153 but today there are Cistercian monastries all over the world.

He is also known for his writings which have earned him the title of “Doctor of the Church”. He was devoted to the Blessed Virgin and composed the beautiful prayer, the Memorare.